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  • Enter billing data into invoicing system in a timely manner.
  • Communicate effectively with Project Coordinators, Project Managers and Branch Managers
  • Examine worksheets prepared by Project Managers to determine if there are any discrepancies or issues with billing data ensuring all charges for service rendered have been captured.
  • Prioritize billing and uploads for all Branches.
  • Scan and email bills to adjusters and occasionally call them to discuss issues.
  • Update billing programs with claim information.
  • Collect daily worksheets from all branches via e-mail.
  • Input data and submit tracking reports for Corporate review.
  • Process bills efficiently to meet daily and monthly goals.
  • Assist Call Center with overflow of phone calls and covering lunches, when necessary.
  • Periodic ride-alongs with crews and Project Managers to increase knowledge of Company operations.
  • Cross train in Water/Fire/Mold/Asbestos/Program Work and Large Loss to gain thorough knowledge of each business segment.
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities, as assigned